IdeaPaint Create Free - Clear

Perfect solution for any company, school or home. Create Free is a 100% Tin Free Dry Erase Paint that transforms any smooth surface into an erasable canvas, sparking greater collaboration, engagement, and creativity.

Product Overview

Choose between 4.65m2, 9.3m2 or 18.6m2 below.

Price Shown Includes VAT

How many square feet are you painting?

4.65m2 (50) Sq Ft:
£230.40 each

9.3m2 (100) Sq Ft:
£300.00 each

  • Non-ghosting, non-staining: creates a high-performance, dry erase surface that erases cleanly every time so you don’t have to worry about dirty, stained walls
  • Easy to apply: mix THIS with THAT. Easy, single coat roller application that anyone can apply
  • Better option than whiteboards: IdeaPaint offers better performance, value and aesthetics than whiteboards.
    • Save More: a 4.65m2. kit of Create WHITE costs £125. To achieve the same 4.65m2. with whiteboards costs up to £1000
    • Get More: ideaPaint provides up to 4X+ more writing surface, compared to a standard 90cm x 120cm whiteboard
    • IdeaPaint is more durable and lasts longer than both whiteboards and competitive dry erase products
    • See a comparison: IdeaPaint vs. Whiteboards
  • Safe and environmentally friendly: low odor application. Environmentally friendly with low VOC. GreenGuard certified
  • Complete-Erase Technology
  • Easy, two-coat roller applications
  • Commercial-grade performance
  • Low odour, low VOC, and Isocyanate-free
  • Zero tin by addition
  • UL GREENGUARD Gold Certified
  • Contributes to LEED Certification
  • 10-year limited warranty
  • Help Guide
  • 1 Can of This
  • 1 Can of That
  • 1 Stir Stick
  • Handy Can Opener
  • 1 Roller Cover

How Difficult Is It To Apply CREATE Free Clear?

CREATE Free Clear can be installed successfully by anyone who is comfortable painting traditional latex paint. Before applying, refer to the IdeaPaint CREATE FREE Clear Roller Instructions and video in the "Installation Guide" tab.

Can CREATE Free Clear Be Applied Over An Existing Wall Color?

Yes, CREATE White can go over an existing wall color. If you are changing the color of your wall, prime using one of our recommended white primers for best coverage.

How Do I Use And Care For My IdeaPaint Wall?

IdeaPaint never needs to be removed. If an IdeaPaint surface is no longer needed, paint over it similar to any painted wall. Simply sand the surface, prime and then paint.

What Surfaces Can I Apply CREATE Free Clear To?

IdeaPaint™ Create Free Clear can be applied over primed or previously painted Plasterboard, Wood, Metal, Most Plastics, Fiberglass, and Formica® to create a magnetized surface. A high quality wall primer is highly recommended for optimal results.