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At IdeaPaint, we strive to make every one of our customer's experiences amazing, both before and after our products are installed on your walls!

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“A big part of how IdeaPaint helps us out is being able to get real business results and that ultimately means happier customers and happier merchants.” 

“I can just be creative in a very ad hoc way — I can grab someone from my R&D department, brainstorm, draw a quick application on the wall.” - Brian Hallihan, CEO & Founder, HubSpot

“IdeaPaint is everywhere: in the hallways, the conference rooms, the cafeteria... It has been requested by everyone, and it now consumes the whole building.” - Christina Mathes, VP Quicken Loans

“We have a bunch of innovators and idea people, and they want to be able to turn around anywhere and start doodling about what they’re talking about!” Tim Rowe, CEO, CIC

“Number one wish list type item that employees asked for in this office was more walls with IdeaPaint!” Michael Mothner, Founder & CEO, WPromote

“Our goal was to have a collaborative area to fuel innovation, to fuel brainstorming, to fuel people coming together building on other’s ideas. We wanted a space where people could brainstorm openly, very visually, and share their work with others.” – Jackie Alosso, Associate Marketing Manager, Welch’s

"LMHQ’s goal is to really foster a sense of innovation in lower Manhattan, and we think by partnering with IdeaPaint that can really be celebrated and people really engage and continue the spirit of innovation here in lower Manhattan.” – Daria Siegel, Director, LMHQ

“The day we installed it, people were flocking in to the room because they were unconstrained: they could write from the ceiling to the ground and unleash some sort of creativity that we hadn’t seen otherwise.” Bill Aulet, Managing Director, MIT

"We can really tell the difference between the quality of the work and brainstorming session that we have when we are remote and when we are working together with IdeaPaint." - Harvard Student

"The whole idea of expanding on other people’s ideas and to have this limitless wall really appealed to me! The artist in me felt restricted by the small canvas of the traditional whiteboard." - Doug Burbank, Math Teacher, Brooks School

It was a big deal because schools have tight budgets and we can’t always consider doing a global change like that! It was very exciting for us to get so much accomplished on the budget that we had for that year! - Jen Letourneau, Math Teach, Milford High School

I told my students that we’re going to put IdeaPaint not only on the walls but also on the desks. They thoughts that it was the most fantastic thing in the world! Ms. Risch, West Aurora High School

“You've got an awesome product - and a great team! I've always enjoyed working with Ideapaint, (since it was introduced about 10 years ago). I used to help them install test walls around Boston. IdeaPaint’s products are the best dry erase products available on the market, and their sales and customer service have always been great to work with. It is a privilege to work with Ideapaint. My customers love the product - and we consistently receive compliments on our projects.” – Frank Gazzola, Gazzola Painting Company, Inc.

"I use IdeaPaint because its the premier dry erase product in the industry. Sales and customer support is outstanding." - Daniel Dumont, PAL Painting and Construction Services

"Great product. Extremely easy to apply. Will be using for years to come."- Vinny Santana, Complete Home Care LLC.

"I think its a good product. It is better than boards or other options on the market." - Alexandre Silva, Blue Print Painting

"Great product. I use it a lot." - J + M Pro Paint

"I have been an applicator of PRO, Create Clear and Create White since inception." - Rob Hubbard, Ford Painting

"Excellent product. I've used the magnetic primer and dry erase paint." - Vinny Vasconcelos, Northeast Painter