Ready to apply IdeaPaint Dry Erase or Magnetic products? You’ll want to closely review our complete installation instructions.

Still researching and deciding which IdeaPaint products best fit your needs? Take a look at these key installation tips and tricks.

CREATE Dry Erase Paint

  • Available finishes: White or Clear
  • Low odor, low VOC, UL GREENGUARD Gold Certified, Contributes to LEED Certification
  • Can be installed successfully by anyone who is comfortable painting traditional latex paint
  • Do not stretch paint beyond surface area indicated on the box (50, 100 or 200 sq. ft.)
  • Painting over a matte or flat finish or changing the color of your wall? Refer to our list of preferred primers and basecoat paints.
  • Apply the product 50 sq. ft. at a time using a two “wet layer” process and enclosed roller cover

PRO Dry Erase Paint

  • Available colors: White, Light Gray and White Sand
  • Requires professional installation
  • Do not stretch paint beyond surface area indicated on the box (50 sq. ft.)
  • Apply only in unoccupied spaces (i.e., over the weekend or in new construction)
  • Wear protective eye wear, gloves and a NIOSH-rated respirator
  • Apply in 2-3 foot sections using enclosed roller cover; maintain a wet edge and back roll each section to avoid roller marks

Magnetic Primer

  • Powerful, highly versatile magnetic primer
  • Stir thoroughly for 3-5 minutes prior to application to ensure smooth, even consistency
  • For best results, use a 3/8” nap synthetic roller
  • Roll on in 3 heavy, wet on wet coats, achieving wet mils of 5-6 mils
  • Wait 3 hours, then apply 1 coat of premium acrylic primer/sealer to hide color before top-coating with latex paint or IdeaPaint Dry Erase Paint

PULL Magnetic Wallcovering

  • Industrial-grade magnetic wallcovering
  • Requires installation by a professional wallcovering expert
  • Measure and cut wallcovering to correct ceiling height, while cutting out around power outlets, light switches and doorways
  • Apply adhesive onto the wall over a width of two panels
  • Hang wallcovering panels dark gray side down (so the white side faces out)
  • Allow adhesive to dry completely for 12-24 hours overnight before priming