October 26, 2015



"A big part of how IdeaPaint helps us out is that we get real business results from using it and that ultimately means happier customers and happier merchants."
– David Chang, former COO at  PayPal Media Network
Watch How IdeaPaint is helping PayPal make their workspace work


"Every office says they want to try and collaborate, but then having something that instantly asks you to collaborate once you're in the room together really changes the culture."
– Mea Tefka Cole, former Senior Producer at HUGE
Go inside Huge's Brooklyn Office here


Seventh Generation
"Having the labs, the conference rooms, our offices, with IdeaPaint on the walls allows us to collaborate as a team and to get things to market faster."
– Derrick Lawrence, Director of Packaging Development at Seventh Generation
Watch the tour inside Seventh Generation here


Quicken Loans
"A very small percentage – I think it's less than 10% – of communication that is retained is said verbally. [With IdeaPaint,] it's a lot easier for me to make sure that everybody in the room is on the same page. This also gives people a chance, once they gave clarity, to question that, to ask: Why? What's wrong? How can we change this? How can we make this better?"
– Sammar Faraj, Senior Director of Relationship Marketing at Quicken Loans
Read More & Watch IdeaPaint in action here


"[IdeaPaint] is used in so many different ways and I think we've seen people behaving differently because of it, interacting differently, really working together differently. More spontaneous conversations pop-up and more spontaneous idea collecting is happening than before."
– Michael Schaeffer, former Global Creative Director at Reebok
Read More & See inside Reebok here


IA Interior Architects
"Having magnetic IdeaPaint in the office is an amazing tool. It allows us to collaborate on the fly during client meetings and to help bring design concepts to life in real time."
– Sarah Brophy, Senior Associate, IA Interior Architects
Read the full story here


CHEW Innovation Lab
"We've painted all the walls in IdeaPaint and we use this more for a kind of mind dump and brainstorming… I'm not afraid of moving and adjusting, I'm afraid of staying still. If we can just grab a marker and jot it down and we can get back to work, first of all you don't lose your train of thought, but then you come back to it, and then you can transcribe that in a logical fashion… you can put that product on a totally different path."
– Adam Melonas, Founder & CEO, CHEW Innovation Lab
Read More & Watch the Chew Innovation Lab Video here


Drive In Paint
"IdeaPaint was a great fit for our business model. We pride ourselves on having all varieties of products while always have the best of class in each line. The great aspect of the product is once you sell it you never have any issues post sale. For the two years I have never had a call stating that the product did not perform as advertised. On the contrary I have received calls about how satisfied the client is with their purchase. Their sales team is top notch and technical support is always available."
– Jason Solomon, Drive In Paint


Fresh Tilled Soil
"Adding IdeaPaint to our space was an innovative and fitting choice in our office because it fosters creativity, encourages collaboration, and changes the way people work. All of our conference rooms have at least one IdeaPaint wall, but are used in different capacities – anything from internal meetings to embarking on Deep Dives and Experience Mapping sessions with our clients, during which collaboration, sharing, drawing, moving around, and challenging ideas are integral to the process."
– Richard Banfield, Founder & CEO of Fresh Tilled Soil
Read More & Watch the Fresh Tilled Soil Video here


"I feel like your product is the bridge of information between our clients and the ProtoFuse team. Being in the business of planning, designing and marketing custom websites comes loaded with jargon. Using your product helps us educate our clients and distill very complicated acronyms and concepts down to a fundamental level so they can understand. In fact, 'Education' is one of our pillars (we call it our 'SEETAP'). IdeaPaint helps us carry out our SEETAP!"
– Eric Sharp, Founder of ProtoFuse



Startup Institute
"Every day, we teach our students new skills, challenge their current thinking, and ask them to collaborate on the problems they need to solve. With IdeaPaint in our classrooms, our students can work faster and smarter in a far more creative and powerful learning environment."
– Diane Hessan, CEO of Startup Institute
Read more here


Manna Math
"Not only do the whiteboard desks allow for my students to easily collaborate with one another, but they thoroughly enjoy whiteboards. Many students will use the desk to practice problems and then write organized notes. Many of my seniors use the desks to record all notes and then take pictures of their desks as notes."
– Kristin Manna, Passionate Math Teacher from South Carolina
Read more here

The Nerdy Teacher
"I highly recommend all teachers to check out IdeaPaint and consider adding it to your classroom. It's a great way to engage students in a different way and open up some creativity in your lesson planning."
– Nicholas Provenzano, MACUL and ISTE Teacher of the Year/Google Certified Innovator
Read more about how The Nerdy Teacher incorporates IdeaPaint into the classroom


Harvard iLab
"You can really tell the difference between the quality of the work and of the brainstorming sessions that we have when we're remote, or when we're working together with IdeaPaint."
– Students at the Harvard iLab
Read More & Watch the Harvard iLab Video here



Gunnar Larson
"So many apartments in NYC have dead doors, and people are conflicted over what to do with them. This particular one is a closet door that I turned into a dry-erase board. I designed a doorknob cover that allows access when needed, but serves as a dry-erase-marker holder. I took full advantage of its size and placement and, with IdeaPaint's Clear dry-erase paint, am now able to use the door in a new way."
– Gunnar Larson, NYC Interior Designer & Creative Services

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