Magnetic Primer

Pairs with IdeaPaint dry erase paint or traditional latex





A breakthrough magnetic solution, IdeaPaint™ Magnetic Primer delivers up to 2x the magnetic strength of other liquid solutions on the market. It pairs with our White and Clear Dry Erase Paints to turn any wall into a magnetic, erasable idea platform—or, can be simply top coated with latex paint for a magnetic-only surface. 

Perfect for commercial or home application. Use with the 6 included IdeaPaint neodymium (aka rare earth) magnets for best performance.

Easy roller application
Smooth texture – no sanding required
Light gray colour for easy top coat coverage
Available in 5m and 10m sizes
Includes 6 IdeaPaint neodymium (aka rare earth) magnets

For best results, IdeaPaint magnetic primer and the PULL system should be used with rare earth magnets and other neodymium magnets.

Prior to top coating with dry erase paint or latex paint, apply one coat of traditional primer. For full installation instructions, see below.

Pairs with IdeaPaint Dry Erase Paint

For a magnetic, writable surface

Not conductive

Does not impact cell phones or WLAN

Easy roller application

No wait time between coats


UL GREENGUARD Gold Certified



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