IdeaPaint Paint Primer

The perfect basecoat for your IdeaPaint dry erase surface



100 Sq Ft: £19.99 each

400 Sq Ft: £63.99 each

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If a surface needs primer, our specially formulated IdeaPaint Paint PRIMER provides an ideal foundation for IdeaPaint dry erase topcoats. IdeaPaint Paint PRIMER is a high performance water-based primer.*

PRIMER is NOT dry erase paint
Provides premium multi-surface bonding
No sanding required after application
Low odour formula
Ideal for new construction, surface colour changes as well as flat and matte finishes

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FREE Gallon of Primer, with purchase of 200 Sq Ft of Create Dry Erase Paint.
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FREE Quart of Primer, with purchase of 100 Sq Ft of Create Dry Erase Paint.   Apply the promo code at checkout: FREEPRIMER100


If you are a VAT organization, please contact Customer Support at +1 800.393.5250 to place your IdeaPaint order.